Give Apple Its Due

Regarding the Feb. 19 story, “Apple: Has It Lost Its Bite?”:

I don’t know how many articles I’ve read about Apple that cite the company’s visionary film clip of the futuristic, notebook-sized, talking computer called Knowledge Navigator, then disparage Apple President John Sculley for his lack of vision and, finally, conclude that Macintosh technology is fine for yesterday but not tomorrow.

The ridiculousness of these contradictory points has never been made so clear to me than by The Times’ accompanying article about Apple’s new Hyper TV. This software and hardware technique makes real-time video images appear on the screen of a Macintosh. This dramatic technological feat is one of the parts required to make the Knowledge Navigator work.

I submit that: Apple’s vision is to make the Knowledge Navigator; that Sculley will be celebrated for fostering this vision, and that the Macintosh technology is evolving more rapidly toward this end than most people suspect.



Laguna Niguel