Expectant Mothers Who Take Drugs

A little girl died today and it wasn’t her fault. She was innocent and didn’t even know what death was all about. It was her parents’ fault. No, the parents did not beat her, nor did they starve her; matter of fact, she had been taken care of at the hospital where she was born with all the interest, care and love that any one person can give. But her parents still killed her.

What killed her then? Drugs! Her mother took drugs while she was pregnant. Yes, it’s hard to believe that someone would be that stupid, but she was. Her taking drugs caused the baby to be born without an esophagus and a bad heart. The doctors tried to help but with all their gifts, it was to no avail.

I am not writing this letter to tell a story. Unfortunately this goes on all the time. I’m writing this letter because it is high time that the law starts prosecuting mothers for murder who take drugs, smoke or drink during pregnancy, and cause their babies to die! Maybe these pro-life people should be looking at all aspects of “pro-life.”