‘Bennett the Drug Czar’

In the midst of the debate over a picking a secretary of defense, a dangerous Bush nominee may be confirmed unchallenged. Drug czar-designate Bennett has admitted a willingness, almost a longing, to sacrifice the Bill of Rights in his war on drugs.

While I halfway expected such a fascist reaction from ex-Education Secretary Bennett, I was shocked and saddened by the lack of protest against him. Surely a madcap disregard for civil liberties is as frightening as a drunk defense secretary would have been.

If Bennett’s views become Administration policy, police would no longer have to exhibit probable cause. They would not need warrants to search and seize anything which could contain drugs, including urine.

If Bennett truly wants a drug-free America, why doesn’t he turn his attentions toward the causes of abuse and addiction--an almost palpable despair in our cities and among our poor. Drugs provide both an emotional and financial escape. In any other field Republicans would probably congratulate them on their capitalistic gumption.

The need for escape would become even greater with Bennett as drug czar. It’s enough to make one a Bolshevik.



San Diego