An ‘Act of Kindness in Fast Lane’

This letter pertains to the article “Act of Kindness in Fast Lane” (Orange County section, March 9).

I am a member of the Opossum Society of California. At first I was touched by the tenderness and awareness I thought this article might bring. Instead, the information on opossums was misleading and not factual.

It states “the animals can carry a potentially fatal virus.” This has been proven to be unfounded. Therefore, Orange County Animal Control has stopped the senseless slaughter of the opossum.

* Fact: Their natural enemy is the roof rat, and this creature does carry disease.


* Fact: The opossum diet consists of snails, cockroaches, spiders and other pests to mankind. They also eat over-ripened fruit and dog or cat food.

The opossum is a beneficial animal to our environment that has been, and still is, very misunderstood.

Thanks to the concerned humanitarian who took the time to help this opossum and her babies on the freeway.



Huntington Beach