TRAVELING in style : STAR TREKS : Signs of travel? Here’s how a noted astrologer charts your touring future

<i> Omarr is the author of a syndicated astrology column and a number of books on the subject</i>

Astrology,” declares Doc Severinsen, a Cancer, “like music, is a universal language.”

A perfect simile. Each of the 12 zodiacal signs speaks a distinct, yet understandable language revealing even our travel forecasts, no matter where in the world we find those astronomical-astrological symbols.

The horoscope covers all areas of life. Travel is considered so important that a complete section of the chart, the Ninth House, is designated as the House of Travel, and it includes philosophy, education, theology, spiritual values--even physical attraction and romance.

Both ancient and modern practitioners of the stellar art agree that travel plays a major role in our lives.


I have grown up with the signs of the zodiac. I have been an author, journalist and literary critic, but the zodiac and astrology have never left me. Following are what the signs tell me regarding travel for each individual astrological sign:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Your life is intertwined with travel. The travel house is your Ninth Sector, relating to the planet Jupiter. You relish and learn from travel. It invigorates you and replenishes you materially and spiritually. In 1989 you are going to initiate journeys to new places, to see things in a different light. Ariens are inventive, independent, dynamic and, in connection with travel, have an insatiable curiosity and a sense of humor. Gloria Swanson claimed Aries as her sign. Her journeys to France and other nations always made news. Look forward to August and December, which will be your big travel months of the coming year.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): A lot of the other signs may wax poetic or metaphysical, but Taureans play it straight. They travel not only for sheer pleasure but also to gain materially, and they feel better physically as a result of their journeys. The Taurus travel sector is represented by Saturn which, in astrological language, means that they are hard-core practical in connection with trips, tours and sojourns that include the United States as well as the rest of the world. Shirley Mac- Laine, a Taurus, does not have to go back to past lives to understand the value of travel. All Taureans perceive the potential gains that result from stretching their travel wings. Big travel months in 1989 are likely to be October and July.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This was the sign of one of the most sensitive, creative, talented women: Marilyn Monroe. She had many of Gemini’s characteristics: restlessness, curiosity concerning the world around us, determination to discern customs and mores of all people. Like all Geminis, Monroe adored travel. However, she did not want to be classified as merely any member of her sign. She once said, “I’m not like the others. I want to be associated with such Geminis as Queen Victoria, Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson.” Travel for Geminis in 1989 is a must. They are going to explore, experiment and make inquiries. They’ll be haunting travel agents and participating in many tours, asking questions and taking notes. Geminis may even do travel writing of their own this year. June will be a travel month, but expect also to get an invitation in August that could include an overseas journey. Incidentally, the Gemini travel planet is Uranus, known as the clown of the zodiac.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Your travel planet is Neptune, which makes it obvious that you enjoy sea sojourns. Travel for you represents the ultimate in pleasure. You are sensitive, moody and associated with the Moon, and some people insist that you know more about fine cuisine and how to make money than almost anyone else. Sylvester Stallone is a Cancer and emphatically states that anyone who laughs at astrology might be hit on the chops by Rocky himself. Sea travel for Cancers represents a mystical experience. You meditate and perceive inner clues and messages, some that relate to poetry and literature. Your travel time in 1989 is likely to be this March and July. Anticipate different customs, foods and moods that you will revel in.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): One of the favorite natives of this sign was that funny, talented, creative lady known the world over, who was so appreciative of international reputation and travel. Famed for her line, “Come up and see me sometime,” Mae West was Leo to her fingertips, all the way. “My interests range far and wide, from astrology to extrasensory perception, psychic phenomena and travel.” She would have enjoyed 1989. Leos are going to travel in April. They’re going to make discoveries in October, and those are likely to involve uncharted areas. The adventure of travel will be woven into the very nature of Leos this year. Your travel planet is Mars, red and active and possessed of a pioneering spirit. That’s Leo, who will be expressing these qualities to the fullest this year.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You’ll probably see or experience Italy this year. Sophia Loren is a Virgo, and astrology is certainly no stranger to that land of sun and marvelous cuisine. Your travel planet is Venus. Therefore, for you, travel equates with romance. It represents beauty, luxury, perhaps the very music of the spheres. When you travel, you feel as though you are in a different dimension--and you’ll be in that dimension during March and May. That, of course, doesn’t rule out the rest of the year. You will be undergoing a major domestic adjustment, your life style will be different and you may change your place of residence. One thing is certain--you’ll be on that Venus level. That means you’ll be traveling. Michael Jackson is represented by Virgo, and it’s a certainty that he will not be standing still in 1989.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your travel and communication planet is Mercury, fastest-moving in the solar system. You are musical and diplomatic and appear placid. But you are actually rhythmic and capable of making quick decisions, especially in connection with journeys, whether by air, land or sea. June, August and November may find you embarked upon journeys. You’ll be exploring, asking questions, making future plans, getting to know the geography and people of not only your own country but of foreign lands. Angie Dickinson is a Libra. She says, “Travel and astrology have enriched my life.” Other traveling native Librans are Mickey Rooney, Paul Hogan and Barbara Walters.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): One of the most famous with this sign was Picasso. He was no stranger to astrology, probably through his association with Gertrude Stein and art dealer Max Jacobs. Travel was woven into the patterns of their lives. France was their adopted nation, and to this day, Paris is a center of writers, artists and those fascinated by astrology. Those under the sign of Scorpio are intense, dynamic and dramatic and may claim they are the most passionate of all the zodiac. Scorpio does enough traveling to welcome that satisfying, tired feeling that comes after days and evenings spent in meaningful ways. Scorpio’s travel planet is the Moon. You enjoy travel in July. In 1989 you will be traveling then and in May and October.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You are the mature travel sign, the Ninth Sector of the zodiac, represented by Jupiter. This combines with your travel planet, the sun, making you aware of the need for satisfying your curiosity. The sun, for the sake of convenience, is considered a planet here along with the moon. You constantly reach beyond current limitations. Travel revs up your spiritual motor. You discover romance when you travel. Your personal horizons expand. You come to life. During 1989 you will probably embark upon journeys during August and September. Among the native Sagittarians are William F. Buckley, Diane Sawyer and Boris Becker. People say about you, “If you want to please that Sagittarian with a gift, just buy luggage.”

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The late Henry Miller--controversial, world-renowned author--was born under the sign of Capricorn. In his husky voice, Miller would say: “Travel was a main ingredient of my life, from Brooklyn to Paris, to London and other cities. Astrology was with me all the way, and I relate it to travel.” Your travel planet is Mercury, that well-known communicator. Your personal planet is Saturn, causing many people to consider you sedate, calm, serious, disciplined. You completely break out of that mold during the exhilaration experienced while on the road. Expect a plethora of exhilaration during 1989. Most likely travel time will be in late summer and early fall. You’ll be making fresh starts in new directions. You’ll also have the weight of added responsibility but ample opportunity to hit a financial jackpot.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18): Your sign includes more Hall of Fame members than any other. You enjoy travel and it’s an integral part of your makeup. Gertrude Stein verified it. Franklin D. Roosevelt, our Aquarian four-term President, linked travel and astrology. The travel planet of Aquarius is Venus, indicating emotional nourishment through travel. Expect to be on the move in June and October. Those born under this sign are unorthodox, creative, willing to trod areas that might discourage even veteran explorers. Being an Aquarian means courting adventure, having intellectual curiosity, and deriving pure joy from clash of ideas and travel.


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Sons and daughters of this sign include Anais Nin, Jackie Gleason and Lawrence Durrell. Gleason’s library contained dozens of tomes relating to astrology. Nin, the major writing force with the melodious voice, said, “I am true to my Neptune significator and I could not live without astrology, writing and travel.” Durrell, among the most important modern Piscean authors, takes it for granted that people recognize his love of travel, his fascination with the mantic arts and sciences, including astrology. The travel planet of Pisces is Pluto, known as the outlaw of the zodiac. Pisceans go to places not ordinarily on the itineraries of most people. They enjoy exploring out-of-the-way hamlets. During 1989, expect to do a lot of socializing. You’ll meet unusual people in your travels and could prosper as a result of your trips. Mark the months of March, June and November.