Compiled by James S. Granelli, Times staff writer

The Internal Revenue Service says it “wants to talk to you.”

That may sound ominous, like an invitation to a tax audit. But the IRS is sending agents out as speakers to discuss tax law changes, audit procedures, collections, criminal prosecutions and other fun subjects.

The agents aren’t visiting just accountants or civic groups. They’re going to fairs and carnivals as well, IRS spokeswoman Sally Ruhnau said.

It’s part of the annual tax awareness effort the IRS puts on before tax returns are due. This year, taxpayers get an extra two days because the usual deadline, April 15, falls on a Saturday. Returns must be postmarked by midnight April 17 this year, Ruhnau said.


Taxpayers upset with big payments they may have to make can take out some of their frustration on IRS agents at a “dunk the tax man” event, to be held in San Diego. For $1, which goes to charity, taxpayers can throw softballs at a target to knock an agent off a perch and into the water.