Nation : N.Y. Drought Emergency Declared; Fountains, Lawn Watering Banned

From Times wire services

Mayor Edward I. Koch declared a drought emergency today and imposed tough conservation measures, including a ban on watering lawns.

Also banned were ornamental uses of water, including fountains, waterfalls and reflecting pools, even if they recirculate water.

“New York won’t be as green as usual this year,” Koch said. “Tough times require tough measures, and the drought emergency will be a very tough time.” The reservoirs that supply New York City were 55% full today. Normally, they are at 91.4% this time of year.

Other restrictions, all of which go into effect immediately, include a 20% reduction in water use by all businesses and a ban on washing cars and filling swimming pools.


Fines ranging from $100 to $500 can be imposed for violations; repeat offenders can be hit for up to $1,000.