Gone for 14 Years : Kellogg Plans Comeback for ‘Bowl-in-the-Box’ Packs

From Reuters

After a 14-year absence from grocery store shelves, Kellogg Corp. said Wednesday that it is bringing back “bowl-in-the-box” packaging for its individual-sized cereal containers.

Kellogg said it will use a new packaging method for its single servings of cereal products.

It will again feature the little boxes with perforations that let cereal eaters pour milk right into the box and eat from the package.

The new boxes will also have a new easier-to-open side tab for those who prefer to pour their cereal into a bowl.


Kellogg spokesman Richard Lovell said the key to the comeback of “bowl-in-a-box” is the use of a larger box for its “Individuals” line sold to institutions and supermarkets.

Kellogg introduced the packaging, a favorite of children and adults, in 1942. Lovell said manufacturing limitations forced Kellogg to discontinue use of the lined boxes in 1975.

Lovell said the new boxes are being shipped to institutions and will show up on grocery shelves in June. The company will offer three new cereals in the small boxes--Kellogg’s Mueslix, Five Grain and Bran, and Frosted Mini-Wheats.