‘The Ghosts of Katyn Forest’

I was glad to read (“The Ghosts of Katyn Forest,” editorial, March 9) that the Communist Polish government has finally acknowledged the Soviet Union’s responsibility for the massacre of more than 4,000 Polish officers in Katyn Forest during World War II.

This has been official public knowledge in the U.S. for nearly 40 years, ever since a congressional special committee investigated the atrocity. The committee was established in September, 1951, and published its final report Dec. 22, 1952.

Its published material included maps, photos of the stacked bodies in mass graves, a list of missing Polish officers identified as these corpses, and documents in both Russian and English. It also included testimony of eyewitnesses, international medical experts, and top United States officials.

It established not only the Soviet Union’s guilt, but also an Allied conspiracy of silence at the Nuremberg trials and a massive U.S. cover-up at the very highest levels of government.