Weekend Weather : Spring Storm Could End Long Dry Spell

Times Staff Writer

A potentially vicious spring storm, set to arrive Saturday morning, is making its way down to Southern California, aiming to dampen Easter weekend. The brunt of the storm is expected to hit Saturday and Sunday morning, leaving gusty winds, cold temperatures and showers throughout Easter Day.

On Saturday, the Alaskan storm is expected to bring a half-inch to 1 inch of rain and 20- to 40-m.p.h. winds, and maybe even snow at the 6,000-foot level in the mountains.

“Of all weekends, it’s picking Easter,” National Weather Service forecaster Wilbur Shigehara said. “It’s been dry all month and suddenly it hits us on the 25th. It’s unfortunate this storm is developing Easter weekend. It’s not going to be a pleasant weekend. This storm could ruin some plans for Easter weekend.”

Cold Winds Expected to Pick Up


On Sunday, the forecast calls for cold winds gusting to 15 to 30 m.p.h., with partly cloudy skies, which could put a dent in some traditional sunrise services.

As a prelude, today’s weather is expected to be partly cloudy and cooler, with some morning drizzle.

Winds are to pick up tonight, gusting 15 to 30 m.p.h. as the storm approaches.

Temperatures for the coastal region are expected to range from 58 to 63 this weekend, dropping to 50 to 55 nightly.

The inland region will reach 60 to 65 degrees this weekend, falling to 45 to 50 degrees at night. In the mountains, highs are expected to range from 50 to 55 today, dropping to 40 to 48 Saturday, and 35 to 45 Sunday. Nighttime lows may dip to 26. Winds in the mountains are forecast to be very strong, possibly reaching 55 m.p.h. The high winds and rain may make it dangerous to head to the mountains, Shigehara said.