Weekend Checklist for Diggers and Planters

For dedicated gardeners, here are suggestions from the California Assn. of Nurserymen:

* Prune your spring flowers after they’ve finished blooming. Fuchsias and geraniums also should be pinched back now.

* Spring is the time to start a regular feeding program for all areas of the garden.

* Celebrate Easter with a flowering plant as a gift to yourself or to someone else.


* Plant gladiolus bulbs now so you’ll have beautiful flowers this summer.

* If you have started vegetable seeds, be sure to thin them to prevent overcrowding or stunted plants. Do this when plants are 2 to 3 inches high.

* Pinching the tips of annuals at planting time will give you bigger and better blooms later.

* When the Easter lily begins to fade after you’ve enjoyed it indoors, plant it outdoors in a semi-shaded area in an attempt to bring it into bloom next year.