A Flow of Irony

Ah, yes, the irony was flowing strong like sap in the spring through Mike Madigan’s March 12 commentary (“Local Control Key Issue in Controversy Over SDG&E; Merger”). Here we have a senior executive from the Los Angeles-based Pardee corporation waxing eloquent on the importance of “local control.” Yes, that is the same Mike Madigan--local boy bought by outside interests--who was principal spokesman against growth controls during last November’s election (shades of Howard Allen).

And yes, that is the same Pardee that spent the single largest sum--close to half-a-million dollars--to defeat not only the citizens’ growth-control initiatives but the City Council and Board of Supervisors plans as well.

And, in the final irony, Mr. Madigan takes a knock at Edison’s full-page propaganda ads extolling the virtues of the merger. Mr. Madigan chooses to forget, of course, those huge blue-and-yellow billboards screaming “NO ON D AND J” above our freeways that Pardee (and Fieldstone) paid for.




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