Gov. Deukmejian on State Budget and Times Response

Word proliferation! That’s how I would describe your response to Deukmejian’s reply to your Feb. 17 editorial on the state budget.

The governor’s letter and your response are analogous to your respective positions on the state budget. Your original editorial was not sufficient to describe your posture on the budget. You found it necessary to go into a wordy (more words are better?) recitation to support your editorial that “we” need a tax increase so “we” can spend more money (more money is better?) on state problems; a recitation almost three times the length of the governor’s letter.

Whereas, the governor was able to convey his position and response to your editorial in a succinct and concise letter (less words are better?) saying that higher revenue is not the answer (more money is not necessarily better?).

When are you going to get with the program the voters of California desire? Remember, these same voters approved of Proposition 13 and Proposition 4 at the polls, and overwhelmingly reelected the governor.



Santa Barbara