260 Post Offices to Offer ‘Fax’ Service

From Associated Press

The Postal Service has decided to follow a trend in business technology by offering facsimile machine service on an experimental basis.

The “fax” machines have blossomed across the nation in the last few years, speeding copies of documents from business to business for people too impatient to wait for even messengers to make the trip.

The experiment is expected to start in June at 260 post offices across the country, postal officials said. Bids are being let for the machines to be used.

The plan is for the machines to be in post office lobbies, available to either send or receive facsimiles of documents. Payment will be by credit card, MasterCard, Visa or American Express, to cover the service and phone costs. The rates have not been determined.


The machines are expected to be designed to store received documents for a period of time, so that customers do not have to be on hand at the moment they arrive. Customers will punch a code into the machine to obtain their particular document, officials said.