RETAILING : Wienerschnitzel Builds Extra Long Hot Dog to Snare Young-Men Market

Wienerschnitzel hopes its new hot dog is something that customers can really sink their teeth into.

The Newport Beach chain has just introduced BigFoot, an extra-long hot dog on an extra-big bun. More than 500 store operators and workers were expected Tuesday at a BigFoot bash in Garden Grove to officially unwrap the new product.

The frankfurters, which are 10 inches long on an 8-inch bun, come in five varieties, ranging from mustard only ($1.39 each) to double cheese and chili ($2.29). The wiener itself contains a mixture of pork, beef and poultry.

The company said BigFoot is designed to appeal mostly to young men in the 18 to 34 age group--Wienerschnitzel’s target customers.


“Research indicated BigFoot will fill a middle niche,” said Beverly Blake, president of Blake Walls & Associates, Wienerschnitzel’s ad agency. “People want it--particularly men. And there’s some sizzle attached to the fact that it’s (almost) a foot long.”

She said BigFoot, frankly, is expected to sell mainly to people “who don’t have health concerns” and just want the most bun and sausage for their bucks.

The chain will continue to sell its Big ‘N Beefy all-beef hot dogs for $1.99. That product tends to appeal to women, Blake said.

At the low end, Wienerschnitzel sells its regular, smaller hot dog with mustard or catsup for 79 cents.


Advertising for BigFoot starts Monday and will continue through May. The chain has also talked with Knott’s Berry Farm about a joint promotion with the Buena Park facility’s Bigfoot Rapids ride.