Morton Downey Jr. Scuffles With Television Crew Seeking Interview

Incendiary talk show host Morton Downey Jr. reportedly struck a soundman in the head with a microphone Thursday when a television crew from the show “Inside Edition” confronted him for a surprise interview outside his New York office.

The crew had hoped to speak to Downey about an alleged gold-mine scam, even though Downey had turned down a formal interview request.

“Downey went absolutely berserk,” said “Inside Edition” managing editor Charles Lachman, who was with the crew. “He began screaming, cursing, grabbed the boom mike and swung it into the soundman’s head.”

Downey then climbed into his chauffeur-driven limousine and “drove off, giving the thumbs up sign” to the crowd, Lachman said.


A spokesman for Downey said that the 56-year-old talk show host had “reacted” after the soundman struck him while thrusting the mike in his face.