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The environmental health division of Orange County's Health Care Agency conducts routine unannounced inspections of the county's more than 6,000 restaurants, markets and other food establishments. When conditions violate state law or applicable county and municipal codes, inspectors can issue cited in the notice have not been rectified, they can effectively close the business by suspending its health permit. Inspectors can also issue a summary health permit suspension during a routine inspection if they find an immediate health threat. In all cases, health permits are reinstated as soon as the situation is rectified. Following is a list of February suspensions.

Business Golden Pond, 858 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach Dates closed Feb. 7-8 Reasons cited for suspension Heavy accumulations of food and grease on cooking equipment, refrigeration and shelving; cockroach infestation.

Business Jack Murphy's, 1233 S. Brookhurst St., Anaheim Dates closed Feb. 15-16 Reasons cited for suspension Failure to comply with notice of violation; rusted refrigerator, fruit fly infestation, dirty floor.

Business Felix's Restaurant, 36 Plaza Square Dates closed Feb. 22-23 Reasons cited for suspension Chronic cockroach infestation.

Source: Orange County Health Care Agency, environmental health division.

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