S. Korea Riots Continue Over Ending of Strike

From Associated Press

Radical South Korean students and workers yelling “Kill Hyundai!” battled police with firebombs and rocks Sunday to protest a police assault that broke a strike at South Korea’s largest shipyard.

About 2,000 students and militant strikers staged violent street clashes near the shipyard in Ulsan, 150 miles southeast of Seoul, where the strike started, according to Yonhap, the South Korean news agency. In Seoul, about 500 radical students and workers yelling, “Kill Hyundai, who threatens labor unions,” attacked riot police with hundreds of firebombs and rocks outside Dongguk University.

Protesters demanded that the National Assembly investigate the incident in which 14,000 riot police stormed the Hyundai shipyard Thursday to end a violent 3-month-old strike that left about 400 people injured.