Racism on Campuses


As usual you missed the mark and fell short of the target in your editorial analysis of racism on campuses. Believe it or not, there are no panacean halls absent racism in today’s American society, be it college institutions, employment, sports or entertainment.

We as black people are “married” to racism and not unlike a marriage we deal with the problems it breeds on a daily basis. Black people are “estranged” in that marriage when we continually watch the white power structure make decisions that are not in our best interest and continue to victimize us and our children.

We are estranged again when we watch as our black leaders, like Mayor Tom Bradley, ignore us and sell us out. Black people are further estranged by the white power structure’s continuous wooing of foreigners into this country with the intent to usurp employment and opportunity for our children. Now we must suffer with the new “foreign racism.”


But like the good husband, we have and will tolerate all the racism because we love America, and we will and have died for America.


Director of Labor Relations

Black Employees Assn.

Los Angeles