Newport Beach : Noxious Fumes Make 29 Employees Sick

Employees in a Newport Beach office building were forced to evacuate Tuesday morning after 29 people were stricken with dizziness and headaches from fumes from a chemical used to seal concrete.

Employees on the second and third floors complained about the fumes causing headaches, dizziness and nausea. Fire officials decided to evacuate the entire 15-story building at 4696 MacArthur Court because the air-conditioning system was recirculating the air throughout the building.

The fumes came from a chemical used to seal concrete on the first floor.


Officials said 29 people were treated at the scene. Three of them were sent to Hoag Hospital.

Hospital spokeswoman Pam Bolan said the three were treated for inhalation of the fumes and released. The women are Leslie McNaughton, 32, Laguna Beach; Avalon Falconar, 37, Midway City, and Marilyn Moury, Costa Mesa.

With the exception of the first and second floors, the building was reopened after 3 hours, at 12:30 p.m. Officials said the first and second floors were sealed off and should be reopened by today.