Elsewhere in Atlantic, 2 Other Ships Collide

From United Press International

The Navy frigate Trippe and the oiler Platte collided in the Atlantic on Wednesday, leaving a 25-foot gash in the Platte. The vessels were taking part in the same exercise as the battleship Iowa, the Navy reported.

"There was one minor injury. A crew member got his knee bruised," a Navy spokesman said.

The Platte and Trippe were participating in the same Atlantic Fleet exercise, Fleetex 3-89, as the battleship Iowa, on which at least 47 sailors were killed in an explosion and fire in a gun turret.

The Platte and Trippe were not in the same operating area, a spokesman said. The frigate and oiler were 500 miles east of Jacksonville, Fla., while the Iowa was 330 miles northeast of Puerto Rico.

The Navy was investigating the cause of the collision.

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