Power, the Newport Beach Arts Commission, Censorship and the Full Nakedness of Adam

I am writing with regard to the shabby and disrespectful treatment of Rosa Williamson's artwork at the Newport Beach City Hall Gallery.

If people are offended by the subject matter of her paintings, the rational and adult solution is simply not to look at them.

The arts commission, which invited Ms. Williamson to exhibit her work, has not come to her defense, has not decried the abominably childish and scurrilous behavior of the city employees in their willful and malicious defacing of Ms. Williamson's property.

If, as Cathy Curtis wrote in her column of April 16, "shunning works as innocent as nudes for any reason, at any age, is the mark of a provincial mentality," then invasion of personal property is the mark of an uncivilized mentality.

The Newport Beach Art Commission owes Ms. Williamson an apology.



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