Archbishop Mahony’s Letter and Abortion Issue

In response to the letter from Archbishop Mahony, and with all respect for his office and beliefs, I have a question that no one seems to provide an answer for: Who will feed, clothe, house and educate these unwanted children if abortion is outlawed?

Not one of the “bleeding hearts” who so oppose abortion is offering to adopt and raise any of these children. Not one has stepped forward with the offer of funds to care for, in their own home, a child born addicted to drugs, or mentally or physically handicapped because of the mother’s lack of prenatal care; not one has stepped forward to care for a child destined to die of AIDS or of neglect.

While I don’t condone using abortion as a form of birth control, I do not condone forcing a 14- or 15-year-old child to bear a child, or a family to be forced into poverty in order to feed children they can ill afford to clothe or shelter, much less to educate. All children deserve a loving home; all children deserve a chance for a safe place to live, a bed to sleep in, warm clothing and decent shoes.

When males can bear a child, then they will have the right to dictate to women how their bodies are to be used--until then, gentlemen, mind your own business! As a mother of three and grandmother of three, I want my opinion voiced: A woman’s body is her own; not her husband’s, not her father’s, not her church’s or synagogue’s.


Our “health scandal” is not abortion, but rather the starving, homeless of the streets, the addicted, the elderly left to die lonely deaths in old age homes, the unwanted “throw away” children of the streets. These are the moral scandals of our country.