The Possible Closure of State’s Joplin Youth Center in County

Is Gov. George Deukmejian fighting for the other side in the war against drugs? I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked anymore when I find out about another irresponsible cut by Deukmejian in his budget, but when I read that he plans to close Juvenile Camps, cut drug rehabilitation funds and end numerous drug-prevention programs I blew my top (“Youth Camp Closures Seen as Result of Proposed Cuts,” April 11). His myopic decision means thousands of delinquent youths will either be simply released or sent to other more crowded centers, increasing their detention costs in the long run.

The removal of drug rehabilitation and prevention programs will certainly save a few dollars today, but will cost this state millions in the near future, as these youths are given no opportunity to get out of the vicious drug cycle and progress towards more drug use and violent crimes.

I was also astonished to find that our “victim’s rights” governor has chosen to cut the nonexistent “surplus” from an underfunded victims compensation program. Is this another of his plans to fight crime and its repercussions? Do Californians agree with Deukmejian’s vision of our state as a state having no planned parenthood, crippled emergency rooms, feeble mental health facilities, a lack of youth drug rehabilitation and prevention facilities? No reasonable person could. I certainly do not.


I applaud The Times for its fair and informative coverage of the governor’s budget proposals. His infantile rebuttals show just how low he can go.