Italian Isle Burned Over Capri Cigarettes

From Associated Press

The Italian island of Capri wants no part of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.'s cigarette of the same name--no part except a legal settlement, at least.

A lawsuit that the island filed against the Louisville-based tobacco company goes to trial in Rome on June 30.

Capri officials say they do not want their paradise associated with a potentially harmful product, and Brown & Williamson has no right to market a cigarette in Italy if Capri vetoes the plan.

The manufacturer has contended that the action is groundless because the company has complied with "all applicable laws in securing rights to use the Capri name in Italy and in other countries where the brand is sold," said company spokeswoman Valeris Oates.

Oates said the company obtained necessary approvals from Italian trademark officials and the nationally owned cigarette distribution system.

Browns & Williamson sells Capri in 60 countries, including the United States, where it went into national distribution last year. Billed as the "slimmest ultra-slim," the cigarette is aimed at women.

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