Guy Williams, TV’s ‘Zorro,’ Found Dead


Guy Williams, the actor who played Zorro in the popular 1950s Walt Disney television series of the same name, apparently suffered a heart attack and died in his apartment, police said Sunday. He was 65.

Williams’ body was found by police at his home in the exclusive residential neighborhood of La Recoleta. He apparently died about a week ago, the government news agency Telam reported.

An investigation was begun to confirm the cause of death.

Williams, whose real name was Armando Catalano, was born in New York.

“Zorro” recounted the adventures of Diego de la Vega, a meek young aristocrat in colonial California who donned black cape, mask and bullwhip to become a “Robin Hood,” who stood up for the rights of the citizenry against the abuses of Spanish overlords.

Williams also starred as Prof. John Robinson in the 1960s television show “Lost in Space,” portraying the leader of a family marooned on a remote planet.


Williams was a frequent visitor to this South American capital and had apparently lived here alone for several months.

There was no immediate word on survivors or funeral arrangements.