CONSUMERS : Relief for Pained Muscles

If you have aching muscles from an overdone workout at the gym or excessive gardening, Cryocup, a little reusable plastic device, makes an ice massage simpler.

Manufactured by a Santa Barbara company, Sportsware West, Cryocup is a blue plastic container in two parts. Just press the applicator ring into the bottom cup, fill it with tap water and stick in the freezer. Then when you need it, place the whole cup briefly under warm running water and twist the applicator ring to remove the ice block. According to the instructions, you should apply ice to the sore area with slow continuous movements for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sportsware West representative Ryan Lamppa said the company has successfully tested Cryocup through sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and Olympic and professional athletes.

Cryocup costs $5 postpaid; California residents add 6% sales tax. Lamppa said that the company will refund consumers' money if they are dissatisfied with its product.

To order, write Sportsware West, 1320 Panchita Place, Suite 101, Santa Barbara 93103; phone: (805) 962-7454.

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