Wrong Target in Thorp vs. Beam?

Harold and Candance Thorp have joined the line-up of families trying to get the government, the tobacco companies, the auto manufacturers, and so on into the night, to pay for their own bad judgment. Like the people who tried to stop smoking, but couldn't, Candy Thorp went to alcohol treatment programs, but couldn't, or wouldn't, stop drinking. Is it possible that two adults in this society thought that drinking a quart of bourbon a night was an OK prenatal diet?

The Thorps should be charged with filing a frivolous lawsuit. Candy Thorp should be charged with reckless child endangerment.

Our courts are overcrowded as it is, and criminals are out on bail because they can't get a speedy trial. In the meantime, people like the Thorps are in court trying to get rich on the misfortune of their son, who had the bad luck to be born to a couple of irresponsible drunks.


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