Americans Acting ‘Feverish’ on FSX, Japanese Declares

From United Press International

Americans act “as if they have measles and are suffering from a high fever” when they talk about the FSX jet fighter and Japanese motives in the project, a senior executive with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said today.

Mitsubishi, the chief contractor for the FSX project, has no intention of ever selling the FSX technology developed with the United States or using it to develop their own commercial aircraft, said Takaaki Yamada, executive vice president in charge of aviation.

Yamada said Americans should concentrate on making their industry more competitive instead of attacking Japan.

“The United States must invigorate its own industries first,” Yamada said.


“Americans are grabbing at whatever they can find (to blame for their trade problems). They are acting like a hound dog jumping at every rabbit that pops up,” he said.