NATO’s Stance on Nuclear Arms Is ‘Blah, Blah’ to a Giddy Bush

From a Times Staff Writer

Throughout his public career, George Bush has tended to get a little giddy when he’s in a celebratory mood.

During his presidential campaign, Bush managed to keep his lighter side in firm check, but since his inauguration, it has been showing more and more. On Tuesday, as he celebrated the successful end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 40th anniversary summit here, the old George Bush, fractured syntax and all, was on full display.

Asked about NATO’s position on nuclear weapons, for example, Bush began to read aloud from the NATO communique: “Where nuclear forces are concerned, blah, blah, land, sea, air,” he said.

And a short while later, speaking to students at the Brussels American School, the President’s on-again, off-again battle with the English language turned into a full rout.


“And I tell you,” he said, “one of the things that has been marvelous about this summit is the understanding that our values, that alliance’s values--but our values are winning the battle around the world.”

“There’s no longer a question of whether we’ve been on the right side on democracy and freedom and those things,” he said.