Westlake North Project 'Will Cause Misery'

We refer to your article in the Valley section April 22 by Gabe Fuentes titled "Project to Boost Skyline in Westlake."

It should be understood that the Agoura Hills-Lake Lindero area is the unfortunate neighbor to the northeast of Westlake Village.

Westlake Village has always been proud (as it should be) of its beautiful, well-planned, low-profile community.

We remember when the Prudential building was constructed. The developer hassled with the city because of the profile of the building. If you look at the front building from the 101 Freeway, you will see earth mounded against the building at both ends. This was done to keep the building in a low profile as required by the city.

This low-profile idea will be changed when two six-story office buildings are constructed on the proposed Westlake North project.

This project would be next to Lake Lindero, which is on the extreme northeast corner of Westlake Village. When completed, Westlake North will cause a lot of misery, frustration and confusion to people in the surrounding area. However, its location will be out of sight and out of mind to the residents of Westlake Village.

The city fathers, as stated in your article, denied Mr. Ludwig's request to develop the golf course in Westlake Village. Instead they threw him a bone (Westlake North) to develop. It will be the residents of Agoura Hills, particularly Lake Lindero, who will gnaw on this bone in frustration and misery.

Why not develop Westlake North into a recreation area with a golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, open spaces, etc., instead of a business park?

Why not develop the Westlake Village golf course into a business park with two six-story office buildings, etc.? Why not? Because the city fathers do not want this sort of thing in their back yard!

Isn't it strange what developers will do for money and what cities will do for taxes? We have not heard one good thing that will come from this project.

What it will do is lower the quality of life for people who live in the area and line the pockets of Mr. Ludwig and the city of Westlake Village.

Laws should be developed that would mitigate development when such development interferes with the quality of life of our citizens.


Agoura Hills

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