Canadian Olympian Accuses Kersee of Being ‘Drug Coach’

Times Staff Writer

Angela Bailey, a two-time Canadian Olympian who competed one season at UCLA, testified Wednesday at the Canadian drug inquiry in Toronto that she left the school because Bob Kersee, the women’s track coach at the school, “was a drug coach.”

Bailey said she began thinking about going to UCLA after the 1984 Olympics, where she won a silver medal on a relay team. Bailey said, however, that she called Kersee to discuss some reservations.

“I had heard he was a drug coach,” she testified. “I told him I had heard these rumors and I said, ‘If you can work with me without drugs, I’ll come. If not, I won’t.’ ”


Bailey went to UCLA from January to June of 1986.

“Within six weeks, I knew the relationship between Bobby and me wasn’t going to work,” she said. “He didn’t know how to coach me because I was drug free.”

Kersee, still the Bruin women’s coach, said Wednesday that Bailey was never comfortable under his coaching and that she frequently accused him and members of the UCLA team of using drugs.

“Angela came here with the rumors in her head,” Kersee said. “Her mind was made up. The whole year, I had problems with her. I never offered her drugs. I never told her she needed drugs to run faster.”

Bailey’s testimony concluded the hearings for now. The inquiry will resume Aug. 1.