‘Flag City’ Opposes Burn Ruling

From Associated Press

Patriotism fluttered in shades of red, white and blue Thursday as citizens of “Flag City USA” turned out to support efforts to make burning the American banner a crime.

“We may not be able to do anything about flag burning in Libya and Iran, but we ought to be able to stop people from burning the flag in the streets of America,” said Rep. Michael G. Oxley at the Rally for Flag and Country.

“This isn’t a protest rally,” said Oxley, a Republican from Findlay. “It’s a rally to honor our flag.”


Nearly 1,000 people turned out to express outrage at a recent Supreme Court ruling overturning flag desecration laws in the United States. Flags hanging from stores and homes along the narrow streets leading to this northwestern Ohio city flitted in a light breeze. Most people held or waved small flags.

An act of Congress in 1974 designated Findlay as “Flag City USA,” said Marjory Buckingham, manager of the Hancock County Convention and Visitors Bureau, who coordinated the rally.