Failed Laguna Hills Cityhood Election

On June 6, voters of Laguna Hills rejected cityhood, the majority of the dissent originating from Leisure World (within two golf shots of my home). However, to my dismay, the registrar of voters informed me that my precinct of Laguna Hills was not included in the election.

Since state law prohibits the same area from seeking cityhood within two years of a failed attempt (The Times, June 25), why not exclude Leisure World and allow them to be the rugged individualists that they wish to be? After all, they provide their own security needs and street maintenance.

After surveying my neighbors, I decided that by including all areas of Laguna Hills, the 284-vote margin would be nullified (with or without Leisure World). But this solution appears to be too difficult, so let's try redrawing the boundary lines and let the votes fall where they may.


Laguna Hills

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