Smug, Aggressive Ignorance Lives On

Reading Ginger Bremberg's description of the homeless in Glendale as people "who urinate on news racks and yell obscenities in the streets" (Glendale Section, June 22) is an infuriating reminder that the Reagan legacy of smug and aggressive ignorance in the face of society's problems lives on. It is shameful and personally embarrassing to see that Glendale's once and future mayor is shallow enough to believe anyone with any intelligence will buy the offensive argument that the homeless are that way by choice. If she did more than drive by them with her windows closed, she'd see how pathetically unenlightened her statement is.

Or would she? She and the majority of the Glendale City Council seem pretty content to absolve themselves of any responsibility, moral or otherwise, to the homeless of their city. Their attitude that "someone ought to do something about this, as long as it's not me" is self-defeating and insulting. Personally, I wish we didn't have any homeless in Glendale too, but I'm aware and logical enough to realize that since we do, simply shutting my door and hoping someone else does something about them isn't the answer. It's time for the City Council to roll down their windows and open their eyes.



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