Homeowners Not Bored, Still Like Hardwood Floors

From Associated Press

From various sources come these bits of information of interest to the homeowner:

Even thought the construction industry no longer was required to use hardwood flooring in newly built houses since the mid-'60s, more than 4.2 billion board feet of strip wood floors have been installed since.

Part of the reason for the continuing popularity of hardwood flooring was the fact that high-tech Urethane finishes and sealers changed the way of hardwood floor maintenance. Some consumers, however, have maintained their perception of past maintenance problems.

Gary Reynolds, president of Bonakemi USA, manufacturer of hardwood floor products, says homeowners who have their hardwood floors refinished make the mistake of not asking about the type of finish or treatment to be used.

He suggests asking such questions as: What products are being used, how long can the refinishing be expected to last, whether the job will save on the cost of long-term maintenance and whether some other product or treatment might save time and money in the future?

Reynolds says new formulations make finishes odorless, smooth flowing and fast drying, making it possible to stain and finish a hardwood floor in one day.

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