Playa Vista--Are They Kidding?

Your Westside section article on Playa Vista, to be built in the last open space in the Los Angeles Westside near Playa del Rey, unquestionably quotes promotional nonsense provided by the head of its development team.

He stated that the developers are trying to create " 'neighborhoods where everyone is within six minutes' walking distance of town centers (so that) people will not need their cars to get from one place to another.' "

On the plans it looks real good, particularly since they are being used to convince the city that Playa Vista will not create unreasonable traffic problems. But in the flesh it does not work.

Are we supposed to believe that all the clerks who work in Playa Vista be able to afford the houses there? And, do the houses in Playa Vista entitle their owners to have a job with a business located six minutes away? Who's kidding whom? Houses may be built six minutes away from the business centers, but the same people won't be living and working in Playa Vista.


Los Angeles

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