Tour Operator Offers Vouchers for Scandinavian Services

Haman Scandinavia, a Stockholm-based tour operator with offices in Los Angeles, has introduced a Pro Scandinavia voucher system for use in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Priced at $35 each, the vouchers are good for accommodations, plus breakfast and service charges, at 380 hotels throughout Scandinavia, one-day car rentals including unlimited mileage and the VAT (Value Added Tax), and one-way ferry rides between Sweden and Denmark or Finland, and Denmark and West Germany.

The ferry ride vouchers also allow you to take a car and up to five passengers. But the vouchers cannot be used for overnight accommodations on the ferries. The sea routes include Stockholm-Turku, Stockholm-Helsinki, Copenhagen-Oslo and Copenhagen-Travenmunde.

Participating ferry lines are the Silja Line, Viking Line, Lion Ferry, GT Link, TS-Line and Vasarederiet.


Hotel reservations have to be made no earlier than 24 hours before arrival. You need a separate voucher for each person. Children under 12 not using a separate bed stay free. Your hotel will make reservations for you at no charge if you’re continuing to another property in the same chain.

Many Destinations

Among the cities where the vouchers can be used are 16 destinations in Denmark, including Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense; 47 cities in Finland, including Helsinki, Hameenlinna, Porvoo, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Tampere and Turku; 67 places in Norway, including Bergen, Kirkenes, Oslo, Stavanger, Tromso and Trondheim, and 106 sites in Sweden, including Goteborg, Jonkoping, Karlsborg, Malmo and Stockholm.

There are four participating hotels in Copenhagen, seven in Helsinki, eight in Oslo and 18 in Stockholm.


Participating hotel chains include Nordic and Rica properties. Car rentals are through Avis in Stockholm only.

A minimum of 10 vouchers have to be bought in the United States, although additional vouchers can be bought in Stockholm. No refunds are given for unused vouchers, which are good for one year from the issuing date.

With purchase of the vouchers, you get a brochure listing the hotels by city and country with their phone numbers. The phone number of the local tourist information office is also provided. In addition, the cities with participating hotels are cross-referenced by number in a series of maps.

Contact travel agents or Haman Scandinavia at (800) 426-2687 or (213) 475-7038.