Utah Hosts Global Warming Symposium

From Associated Press

Soviet officials joined U.S. researchers, politicians and others Wednesday at a four-day conference on global warming.

Eleven Soviets and more than 80 U.S. participants were expected at the symposium co-sponsored by the Soviet Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Resource Management, which was founded by actor-film maker Robert Redford.

"What we're attempting to do . . . is to get not just scientists talking to scientists, or governments talking to governments," said institute President Terry Minger. "Scientists will lay out the problem, but we also have businessmen, film makers, authors, artists and environmentalists."

Among those expected to participate were Sens. Timothy E. Wirth (D-Colo.), Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) and John Heinz (R-Pa.), Idaho Gov. Cecil D. Andrus and astronomer Carl Sagan, biologist Paul Ehrlich and former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall.

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