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Gary Dee, a controversial AM radio personality who was fired from previous jobs in New York, Chicago and Washington, believes the ax has fallen again, this time in Cleveland. The WWWE talk show host hasn't been on the air since Aug. 18, after being suspended indefinitely, with pay, because of a complaint filed with the Federal Communications Commission alleging on-air indecency. The FCC says it has an 18-page complaint against Dee, accompanied by tapes of his shows, but will not say what the complaint is about or who filed it. Dee told the Cleveland Plain Dealer over the weekend he now thinks he has been fired, although station management has been telling listeners he is "on vacation." Dee, who once told an elderly woman on the air to "gargle with razor blades, you old barracuda," began his broadcasting career in 1964 at KGEN in Tulare, Calif., and went to KMAK in Fresno in 1968. He joined WWWE 20 months ago to host a mid-afternoon talk show.

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