Booster for Battery Sales?

From Associated Press

In an attempt to get an edge in a highly competitive market, two manufacturers are coming out with car batteries they say will make jumper cables obsolete.

Some industry analysts, however, are uncertain whether the general public will be willing to invest in the costlier product.

First to hit the market will be GNB Inc.'s Champion Switch battery with an initial run of 500,000 going on sale in the Southeast in October.

Johnson Controls Inc., the nation's top auto battery maker, will bring out its EverStart in early spring.

The technology is different, but both batteries have a reserve store of energy that cannot run down or be tapped unless a switch is thrown under the hood.

The suggested retail price for EverStart will be $129.95 while Champion Switch carries the recommended price of $109.99. The usual range for car batteries is $60 to $80.

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