More Rap on the Flap Over Flipper

I just returned from the Hyatt Regency Waikoloa, where I participated in the Dolphin Quest program. Dolphin Quest is not run or supervised by the Hyatt but is a private facility housed there. The trainers and founders of the program, not the hotel, are responsible for the heavily supervised interactions with the dolphins housed there. Smith’s article implied that Dolphin Quest was a hotel-operated program; perhaps the other hotels mentioned will, in fact, run their own programs, but a distinction needs to be made as far as Dolphin Quest is concerned.

It would be tragic if federal regulation limits or ends the Dolphin Quest program. No amount of mail from the myriad conservations groups I support has ever had the same profound effect on me as Dolphin Quest did, nor provided the level of respect, understanding and compassion for these intelligent, gentle creatures.


Woodland Hills