103: 'Quicksand' or Sound Law?

Zycher is right on the button. Just who are these self-serving politicos claiming to represent the consumer on insurance premiums? Worse yet, what is their excuse for their boorish and ignorant behavior when attending Insurance Commissioner Gillespie's forums. Considering the enormous task in front of her, she is doing an excellent job with limited funds and staff.

And what about California metro drivers? What are we really complaining about? We all know that a moving violation ticket will substantially increase our rates for three years, yet that doesn't arouse sufficient concern to change our driving habits, nor does it motivate those bellyaching drivers to stop driving in a highly dangerous, belligerent and selfish way. We all know what it will ultimately take to lower auto rates, but with so many self-interest groups out there, it isn't going to happen in my lifetime.



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