103: 'Quicksand' or Sound Law?

The reason for the monumental battle over Proposition 103 is analogous to the building of a skyscraper on a bed of quicksand. There is absolutely no basis or foundation for a quick solution to a problem that should never have existed in the first place.

When any ruling body passes a piece of legislation, which in this instance was making vehicle insurance mandatory, and obligating the entire populace, it must also provide the means of the fair and just implementation of that law. By the very nature of its identity it must fall into the same category as the gas company and the Department of Water and Power, and become a public utility.

How would we educate our children if only private schools vied for our dollars, or 64 water and power companies courted our business? Or for that matter, 35 companies sold us dog and fishing licenses or even Department of Motor Vehicle tax tags?

Since vehicle insurance is mandatory and an edict of our government, it is, therefore, its long-overdue obligation to provide this service and simplify the procedure.

And from whence the cash to do all this? A previous suggestion of a nickel tax on a gallon of gas would adequately cover the insurance needs and fairly charge those who drive more to pay more.



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