Transfers of 8 Students OKd

A Los Angeles judge ruled Wednesday that the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District could allow eight students to transfer from Miraleste High School to Rolling Hills High.

Superior Court Judge Miriam Vogel said the district did not technically violate her 1988 ruling prohibiting it from closing Miraleste or transferring any east-side students to west-side schools until it completes an environmental impact report on school closures districtwide.

The district, which decided in 1987 to close Miraleste because of declining enrollment, is preparing the report.

The transfers were challenged by the East Peninsula Education Council, the parents group that seeks to split the district and keep Miraleste open. The group filed a legal motion that sought to have the district found in contempt for allowing the transfers to occur.

District officials said the eight students live closer to Rolling Hills High than to Miraleste. They said that even if the parents prevailed and a second school district were formed on the peninsula, those areas would remain part of the existing district.

Vogel also ruled that any future disputes between the parents group and the district should be resolved before her on an informal basis.

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