San Diego


Two San Diego Gas & Electric employees were arrested Tuesday and five others were fired after allegations of drug use following a nine-month investigation by a private firm.

The firm was hired by the company to look into drug abuse at the utility’s downtown headquarters.

SDG&E; officials did not identify the workers. A written statement released by the company did not make clear if the arrested employees were also fired.


According to SDG&E; officials, the company reached an agreement with the employees not to release their names. The company said three other employees were questioned last week about their knowledge of drug use in their departments. These employees were suspended but will be allowed to return to their jobs under certain conditions, the company said. The conditions were not outlined.

The company’s statement said the drug investigation focused on employees who work at the information center. According to SDG&E;, two private investigators uncovered evidence that some employees were using and selling marijuana and methamphetamines.