Jailings Criticized

The civil rights of a segment of our state's population are in jeopardy as we watch them being sentenced to jail for their defense of life. These good citizens of the state of California are being told by the court system in San Diego County that believing in the right to life and defending the right to life is wrong and punishable action.

Recent events within the court systems of Los Angeles, San Diego, Vista and El Cajon make it apparent that justice has a different set of norms that are dependent on those dispensing it. It has been judged that the descriptive expressions used in protesting what is unquestionably killing of the unborn (abortion)--words like conscience, murder, killing, police brutality, etc.--are prohibited. What has happened to the right to free speech? Are we to believe it is for some and not for all? Who makes that choice?

Innocent lives are being destroyed and good people are going to jail just for acting and speaking in the defense of the unborn child. Where is justice for those who defend life? Who is to defend the right of the unborn?


of the Escondido Deanery

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