Measure N and the Rights of Homosexuals

Pointing to a "lack of knowledge of the facts" in a Times editorial on homosexuality, The Rev. Louis P. Sheldon once again reveals his own ignorance in his letter (Oct. 15)

First, he claims that the "reparative therapy and medical treatment is (sic) available for those homosexuals who desire change." If he were to read the most authoritative book on the subject, C.A. Tripp's "The Homosexual Matrix," he would learn from it that not a single case of change from homosexual to heterosexual orientation has ever been authenticated despite the claims of certain quack psychiatrists.

Second, Sheldon states that the "underlining connection" of homosexuals is the "act of sodomy." The truth is that the one thing that gay people have in common is a physical and emotional (i.e., love) attraction to members of their own sex which they did not will or choose. The feeling of love is more basic than the act of sodomy, which does not always take place in such relationships.

Sheldon should educate himself before he attempts to correct others.



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