Judge Sentences Zsa Zsa Gabor to 3 Days in Jail for Slapping a Cop

Zsa Zsa Gabor is getting a bum rap (“Judge Slaps Zsa Zsa With 3 Days in Jail,” Part A, Oct. 25). Let’s get real. Papers have her compared to Jim Bakker and Leona Helmsley. Zsa Zsa was stopped for a minor traffic infraction! Bakker and Helmsley were convicted of felonies; there is a hell of a difference.

The judge claims she was seeking publicity! Grow up! She was seeking publicity when he was seeking a clean diaper! That’s her business, publicity; she can’t act, she can’t sing.

What was the judge seeking when he looked into the TV camera and talked to her like she was an ax murderess? Privacy?


Let’s get down to the crux of this case. Society’s outrage rests on the fact that this old woman slapped a policeman.

Zsa Zsa claims he used the F-word. If he did he needed his face slapped. That’s a woman’s prerogative, or it used to be until the National Organization for Women gang came along. This man could not possibly believe Zsa Zsa was a threat to him. The open container charge is bogus; you know they would have required blood or breath tests if there was any validity to it.

I always wondered why Merv Griffin kept putting her on his show. I never saw her in movies or heard her on the radio. Now I know; she is pure genius. I can see it now: “Roll the cameras, here’s Zsa Zsa going to jail, here’s Zsa Zsa at the homeless shelter, set the lights just right, here’s a shot of Zsa Zsa arriving at the psychiatrist office. Miss Gabor, Miss Gabor what did the psychiatrist say?”

What her critics can’t stand is her attitude--she won’t humble herself. She won’t admit her guilt and repent. They are not accustomed to a person with fight, heart and spirit. I admire her fighting spirit and wish more people would stand and fight for what they believe in. You are only defeated when you admit it to yourself.


Chino Hills