Ronald Reagan's $2-Million Speaking Fee

I read that Ronald Reagan wants to return decency and morality to U.S. movies, and that he thinks Japanese movies are better than ours.

Isn't it interesting that he, of all people, would talk about "decency and morality." Isn't he the one who robbed the poor to cut taxes for the rich; who created a nation of homeless by cutting housing money by 90%; who reduced food programs and left us with 20 million hungry; who said homeless people like to sleep on grates in freezing weather; who forced the minimum wage to remain $3.35 all during his reign; who created a national debt and deficits so huge that we Americans must pay $600 million in interest alone, every day (much of which goes to Japan); who made it possible for cronies to milk HUD for millions; and who year after year poured billions into military expenditures while proclaiming that human needs problems can't be solved by "throwing money" at them; who kept 30% of our best engineers tied up producing military equipment so we couldn't compete in world markets; and who made sure that Japan always had the better deal on trade? You mean he's the one talking about "decency and morality"? You're kidding!

After getting $2 million from Japan for his appearance there, and for all he did for them in Washington, he should star in a new movie called "Mr. Greed Goes to Tokyo." Think of the message on morality and decency our children would receive!

Instead of milking the ex-presidency to the extent no other President has done, why doesn't he just look at the want ads and get a respectable job. That's what he always advised everyone else who was unemployed!



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